May 2015

Aronia garden and tasks.

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The basic work for March is pruning and cleaning of weeds. Pruning of the plants becomes in such a way that helps the growth of the plants and at the same time they can take the form that we want. Pruning requires a lot of care so that remains enough “grafts” in order new branches to be grown without hurt Aronia. With pruning of bigger plants we determine the height in wich we wish to maintain our crop. With the proper care we can create new plants from the twings we will take. Cleaning of weeds is very important for the growth of our plants as well as for the best contition of the soil. Cleaning should be done completely organically without the use of chemical pesticides which can affect the soil with harmful substances. A good way of cleaning is hoeing and using a destroyer of grass among the array of the plants. The best preparation of the field in early spring helps a lot in the final cost reduction and in the smoother growth of the plant and its fruit.

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